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There is no notification though I set push/fetch on.

In iOS5, the alert style can be selected from "None", "Banners" and "Alerts"
which is same style as before. We recommend "Alerts" for the alert style
because the message will disappeared after a while in "Banners" and you
would miss the notification in this style.

And there is the "Notification Center" in iOS5 which enables you to check
the history of notification by swiping the top of the home screen downward.
You can select you use it or not for each apps. We recommend to set "ON"
for "Notification Center".

Please set "Notification Center" on and select "Alerts" for the style following
steps below.

  1. Start Settings app from home screen.
  2. Tap "Notifications".
  3. Tap "ibisMail" and show the settings screen for ibisMail.
  4. Set "Notification Center" on.
  5. Select "Alerts" in the "Alert Style" on the same screen.

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