Tatami Ball is a new type Jigsaw puzzle, which differs from ordinary one by following points:

  • A few balls are bouncing in a picture. Thus, the picture is always changing.
  • Each piece is initially laid out in the tatami way and has no notches. Thus, the forms of pieces are none of hints for their positions or directions.
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    • How to move a piece
    • With one finger

      Hold a piece with a finger, and then the piece follows your finger. It keeps its direction.

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      With two fingers

      Hold a piece with two fingers, and then the piece can rotate with following your fingers.

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      Even if your fingers are too big to pick the piece, it's all right. One of your fingers can be out of the piece.

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      Though the calculations of the movement is as faithful to the finger movement as possible, small initial distance of two fingers or considerable change of the distance of two fingers causes large calculation error and unexpected movement of the piece.

    • How to bring a piece to the front
    • When pieces are lapping each other, you can bring a piece to the front by touching it. Holding the finger, you can begin the one-finger-move or two-finger-move illustrated above. If you loose your hold from the piece without moving, the piece will just be brought to the front.

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    3. TIPS

  • For the first 2 seconds of the levels, you can see the demo with completed pieces. In this period, remember the exact layout of the pieces and number of balls, and so forth.
  • Observe the behavior of balls. The balls are bound by gravity. Thus, upper pieces likely have few or no balls and lower pieces have many. The balls bounce off the wall. If you see a ball which bounces off a side of a piece, the side of the piece is the boarder.
  • ibisMail for iPhone Figure: Typical lower piece(left) and upper piece(right).

  • When you touch a piece, balls stop bouncing. It will be much easier for you to figure out where the piece should be.
  • Play at least 10 times. At first playing this game feels too much like an impossible mission. Practice makes perfect!
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    Score consists of the time bonuses and the score when you fit pieces. The earlier you complete the pieces, the more points you get. Your score also varies depending on the order of pieces you fit. The order of pieces is more important than time bonus. Pay attention with the order of pieces to fit if you aim highscore.

    • Calculation of scores
    • Time bonus

      You get the time bonus when you clear the level. Its calculating formula is as follows:


      Score when you fit each piece

      The calculating formula of the score when you fit a piece is as follows:


      The base point of the piece is according to ease of fitting. Easier pieces has more points. The pieces which has longer border and lower one is easy. Because the border condition is a bit more important than the position condition, a lower piece which has shorter or no border may have less points.

      The multiply factor is according to the order of fitting. It gains every time when you fit a piece. If you fit the low-scored pieces when multiply factor is low and you fit the high-scored pieces when multiply factor is high, you get higher score. This means that you should fit the pieces in the order of difficulty if you aim highscore. However, if the game is over before completing the pieces, you may lose the high-scored piece.

    • Highscore
    • The highscore of the author is 115800pts. Get higher score!!

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