• ibis inc. has no liability for restitution of detriment you got by using the ibisBrowser.
  • The preceding paragraph is irrespective of the detriment is caused by the errors or bugs of the ibisBrowser or not.
  • Packet communication fee may be requested by mobile phone operetor company you are under contract with. See the contract.
  • Don't use the ibisBrowser in sites which handles grave secrets. This is for the reasons of security issues. The communication between the ibisBrowser server to the target site is encrypted by SSL when the page address starts with "https://". The communication between your mobile phone and the ibisBrowser server is, however, not encrypted.
  • (For Java Edition Users)You have need to agree that we send e-mail magazines to your e-mail address in using the free version of the ibisBrowser. This is the matter planning for future. The e-mail magazine is not issued now.

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